Tuesday, January 03, 2012

De Fabeltjeskrant

Courtesy of Truus, Bob & Jan's photostream.

Dutch postcard by N.V. Vita Nova, Hank (N.B.). Photo: M.M. Chanowski, 1969.

In the long-running Dutch animation series, De Fabeltjeskrant (1968 - 1992, Cock Andreoli), Meneer de Uil (Mr. Owl) reads from De Fabeltjeskrant ( the Fables newspaper) it's named after the links between the scenes which show various animals (each has a first name and the species name) who live in a wood in partially stereotypical, partially human-like interaction. Major characters include Mrs. Stork, the self-proclaimed posh de facto-mayor, her sycophantic messenger Zoef the Hare, the brothers Beaver who construct about everything and the ever-scheming Lowieke the Fox; their are many minor ones. In 2005 De Fabeltjeskrant was chosen as the best Dutch TV series for kids in the 20th century.

Source: IMDb.

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