Saturday, May 08, 2010

Old School Las Vegas

Circus Circus - On The Strip 1960s
Flamingo Hotel 1950s
Casino Center - Fremont Street Downtown 1960s
Bagdad Inn Motel
Fremont Street 1960s
Hotel Sahara Lobby
Hacienda 1950s
Fremont Street 1960s
Circus Circus, Dart Toss 1960s
Fremont Street 1960s
Towne & Country Motel
The Mint, Gambling 1950s
The Monaco Motel 1960s
El Cortez Casino 1960s
Fremont Street 1950s
Del Mar Resort Hotel
Hotel New Frontier, Venus Room
The Mint Hotel Casino 1960s

Visit my flickr for over 2,500 vintage postcards.

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PTA Transit Authority said...

Nothing like old Vegas Postcards. Great post!

Bert said...

Ryan, these are great!
Man, what happened to your flickr page! That's the one I visited every couple or so days without fail!
Ironically, I had just sent you a message asking if it might be OK to occasionally utilize your pics on a 50s web site I'm considering (giving you credit on the pic, of course).

Regardless, I sure hope you intend to put a lot of those pics somewhere. I figure some are on this site, but you had tons over there.

Best to you!

mandy_Reeves said...

love the Marquee in two of the photos! Minnie Pearl played Vegas? who knew!