Monday, August 10, 2015

Vintage Teen Dance Party & Disco

Vintage photos of 1950's and 1960's teen-age dance parties and college-age night clubs complete with discotheques and go-go girls dancing inside of cages and on top of tables.

Teenagers' Twistick Lounge, Raleigh Hotel - South Fallsburg, New York
 Mirrored Balls by Halboy Fixture Distribution - St. Louis, Missouri
 Downtowner Motor Inn, Tony's Restaurant - Springfield, Illinois
 Castaways Motel, Pool Bar - Miami Beach, Florida
 Ginza Chinese Smorgasbord & Discotheque Dancing - New York
 Castaways Motel, Pool Bar - Miami Beach, Florida
Le Baeau Discotheque Club - Rotterdam Hilton, Holland
 Florida Fun - Caged Night Club, Go-Go Dancers
 007 ½ Go Go Night Club, Shelborne Hotel - Miami Beach, Florida
 Psychedelic Dance Scene
Galaxie Night Club - San Francisco, California
The Den Discotheque, Hilton International - Okinawa, Japan
 Disco Dancers - Germany

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