Friday, October 01, 2010

Ty, Late 50s early 60s

I picked these 35mm slides up at a swap meet. They are mostly of a woman named Ty and her husband who's name we do not know.


Jonnie Andersen said...

#4 is simply... perfect.

Pete Emslie said...

There's something very sweet about these photos. They look like a couple very much in love, and the lady's smile just radiates joy. It's interesting that they're a mixed race couple too, considering the time period and how that was still not fully accepted by society at large back then. Would they have met when he was a young American soldier stationed in the South Pacific? Did they fall in love while still at war, eventually to marry once peace was officially declared? Again, it is just so nice to see these lovely photos and imagine what their story was.

By the way, I have to say that many of these shots have absolutely gorgeous colour, and I still maintain that a good traditional 35mm camera using a top brand of film produces better colour than any digital camera today. Thanks for posting these!

Ryan Khatam said...

Hi Pete,

Her husband actually was in the military. You can see the entire set of 62 photos over on my flickr account:


Pop9 said...

Wonderful and mysterious.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Wonder how much he paid for her?

Anonymous said...


Great idea to post them.

Shot #4 is really interesting.

Too bad their decendents have lost track of these.

The color of the 35mm slide technology is just so good and durable.

These two people would be at least in their late 70's by now. "Ty" is likely from Japan. Some of the outdoor shots of her were taken in Japan (the signs).
I'd say he was stationed in Japan in the mid-1950's and met her there.

Ryan Khatam said...

I was under the impression that she is chinese and from Hong Kong because this picture was included in the set:

Are you sure the writing is Japanese? It looks Chinese to me.

Anonymous said...

Good question.
This is fun. I used to live in Japan.

Some photos are in Japanese and there is definitely one of a Hong Kong street towards the end (Chinese). The clue is in the use of Japanese Katakana and Hiragana with the characters that Chinese and Japanese both make use of.

The first one marked as Hong Kong is actually in Japan (the sign is Japanese)
There is one in front of a building in famous place called Hakone (about 90 miles from Tokyo).

The park picnic looks like LA.

The Japan scenic pictures are post-occupation, post-Korean war era Japan. The Buick is late a 50's model that must have gotten shipped over to a Navy base.

The name "Ty" is not Japanese, but could be a nickname he came up with from a Japanese female name like "Taiko". Her dress is very much like the pictures of my Japanese in laws taken in the 1950's Japan. However, she could be from Hong Kong as well.

Lissette said...

These are great! It's so rare to find old photos where the people look so happy and in love, too.

By the way, just discovered your blog-- love it!