Saturday, November 22, 2008

Old Photographs

I really love old pictures. They are so fun and awesome and trippy to look at. I've got a bunch that I have found online.. most of them family photos of other people. These ones are 1950s-1960s circa.

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tek! said...

good stuff to charicature!

Barbasaurus Rex said...

Great pic choices, I love all of these! Especially the girl buttoning her top button!

Unknown said...

And the people look happy, if a little stiff.

Gary Cattarin said...

Hey, look at that, I made your blog! Just doing a random periodic scan/search and hey hey, one of my old pics from my genealogy site caught your attention. I guess I'm honored. Of course, I'm also, uh, a LOT older now than I was in that pic. For more recent news, visit my blog at
Cheers...the kid with the drool running down his shirt!