Sunday, June 08, 2008

Another painting from long ago..

It is incredible just how much is going on in this picture. I can't even hardly believe it.
Crucifixion by Tintoretto (1565)

Seeing paintings such as this is the closest you can get to time travel.


Rogelio T. said...

Crucifixion (1565)

Ryan Khatam said...

i love how much ass you kick. i'm going to somehow craft you a medal because you certainly deserve one!

Maybe said...

I believe that Apocalypto shows that when evil people are in seats of power it effects even the most insignificant, and peaceful of tribes. I think the story really hits home, especially to Americans, as even the most peaceful of peons (you and myself included) are beginning to be noticeably affected by evil people in power. I suggest you watch Zeit Geist if you haven't!

Steve said...

Hey Ryan,

thanks for the comment about my dog model =]

Are you a 2d animator or 3d? I like the tests you have on your other blog, and the Garbage PailKids posttook me back to jr. high =]