Thursday, November 08, 2007

Frank Frazetta (Part 2)


Also See: Frank Frazetta (Part 1)


Barbasaurus Rex said...

So True! His work has so much energy and life..and is so damn appealing!

david said...

on acid! hahaa just kidding.

its sad, that one of his paintings is like a freeze frame from asuper badass scene in his movie, and you wouldnt be able to find it, in ANY movie today

chrisallison said...

on acid! hahaa just kidding.

but seriously...

great scans! the shark one and the super intense manly back one are blowing my mind.

tek! said...

2nd try with better link.
how can you forget (in my eyes)
the bestesest of all frazettas?!?!
Look at that creamy white rack!