Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Guillermo Divito

I had never heard of Guillermo Divito until joining the amazing Cartoon Retro, a website created by Shane Glines showcasing rare artwork from artists of the 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s. I absolutely LOVE this artist (even though he draws his women with really small heads).

Cartoon Retro has over one HUNDRED more scans of Divito's work (which you cannot find anywhere else on the internet) and I HIGHLY recommend signing up for a membership. The site has literally tons of artists that you have never even heard of.. and they all kick insane amounts of ass. And if you are a young budding cartoonist, then you have no choice but to sign up. I can't even begin to tell you how much Cartoon Retro has helped me improve my drawing skill.

A one months membership is a measly five dollars (you find that kind of money lying around on the sidewalk). So don't be a cheap asshole. Join Cartoon Retro TODAY!!!!

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Kevin Langley said...

Yeah, Shane's site is unbelievable. The South American artists he features are just incredible.

I have a bunch of old Esquire pinups that you might like, including a load of Alberto Vargas girls. Email me if you'd like them. kevin.langley@gmail.com

Julián Höek said...

i love divito's works. i have the chance to look closely some of his original artwork in and exposition here in Argentina and really blew me away! thanks for posting this!

ZSL said...

hahaha the cop's legs

Sphyzex_9 said...

The fourth pic's hilarious.