Wednesday, May 23, 2007

¡Historietas Perversas!

"Historietas Perversas" are filthy, adult Mexican Comic Books. I remember seeing them all over the place when I was 18 on my trip to Mexico City. I didn't really notice anything special about them at the time, they just looked like cartoon porno. Recently I discovered a book called "The Imp No. 4" which provided pictures and information about the comics. I was really surprised to see how well-drawn and cool some of the cover illustrations looked.

There was one artist inparticular named Oscar Bazaldúa whose style I REALLY liked. His style is distinct and very recognizable (especially in comparison to the other artists). Below are covers that are drawn by Oscar Bazaldúa.

I would really like to get my hands on these so I can start archiving the covers illustrated by Bazaldúa. I havn't had any luck finding a place to buy them online. They aren't even on ebay. It seems like my only option is going to Mexico..

Some of these comic titles include "Almas Perversas," "La Ley del Revolver," "La Ley de la Calle," "Yo Confieso," "Relatos de Presidio," and "Las Chambeadoras."

If you have any information regarding how to purchase these comics online, please let me know in the comments!

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Rogelio T. said...

Try looking through mercado libre. Search "comics" and play around with the search.

Look completely (well a couple pages at least) through this specific search and you might see some. You might have to go through a few pages to see any that might interest you.

Although many of the auctions look like lots or a specific issue of the comic, in the auction details you'll see a list of comics and you specify which issues you want, most of the prices are per comic.

Remember all of those prices are in pesos
1 Peso = US $0.092431

I've never bought anything from these sellers or mercado libre so who knows if you'll get your stuff.

I'll try to see if I can think of any other places (more local) that would have them.

Have you gone to any local Mexican meat/bread/grocery/pinata shops. They're usually painted pink, yellow or light green and sometimes have the word "CARNITAS" written in huge letters on the side.
If you're lucky they might have them.

ZSL said...

Wow. He can paint some smoking hot women. Damn!

Ryan Khatam said...

rogelio: thank you VERY much dude. i'll definitely be checking out that site! i'm very appreciative of all your suggestions and advice :)

zsl: hahaha you can say that again

Anonymous said...

something about them reminds me of Azpiri's work.(a little)
pretty cool.

david said...

ahah hes got the nice booty/thigh combination down. this is great

DonaldHelloStudio said...

that revolver-cover looks like some art of DON LAWRENCE! maybe mister b. reads a lot "STORM"-stuff. google Don, if you don´t know him (i think he´s british). cheerio, keep on collecting! donnie

DonaldHelloStudio said...

that revolver-cover looks like some art of DON LAWRENCE! maybe mister b. reads a lot "STORM"-stuff. google Don, if you don´t know him (i think he´s british). cheerio, keep on collecting! donnie

Anonymous said...

I got my hands on a bunch of those historietas. E-mail me.

Anonymous said...

I got my hands on a bunch of historietas. E-mail me at

shameless said...

i have a lot of this magazines here is my mail

Anonymous said...

machotes oporque no suben todos los comics y no solo las tapas ya que estan rebuenos....

avisen en donde los suben si lo hacen

manden alguno entero

Unknown said...

At New York's Times Square station down in the subway there are two news stands I pass several times a week, on the "R" train platforms. They sell rafts of these pulp comics. I must admit I recently discovered them, purely as Pop art and can't seem to put them down. My Mexican husband (we are a two language couple) Ricardo finds my obsession with ALMAS PERVERSAS a total hoot. At the moment I am reading HERMANAS MALAS...But you're right, the artwork is incredible and I find the stories, often "little morality plays" give Gringos a real window into Latin pop culture which is engaging as well as informative.

Anonymous said...

please send me some stories to

Unknown said...

Still glomming my 'sabrosos'- those delightful little printed in Mexico comics. The artwork is sometimes reminiscent of Playboy's Vargas nudes. I divide my reading time nowadays betwen AMORES y AMANTES, LA LEY DE REVOLVER and, of course my old favorite ALMAS PERVERSAS. Lately, I have read about a 'lonely at the top' fashion model/actress who forsakes everything for a penniless photographer, a vain young woman whose looks are ruined by a Doberman attack who extracts a bloody vengeance on her nympho neighbor, a shell shocked Civil war veteran... many of these plots, or "argumentos" are credited to people often only identified in the opening page as variously: Chimal (this dude, my fave, has a real future as a screenwriter - Hollywood, listen UP!!), or A.H.I. Fans take note: Scouting around NYC I did come upon another great source for these: a magazine stand at the MACY's Q/R/N subway station which usually has a bunch for sale, every month. You do have to ask for them since they are not out in open view but, the place, run by a gracious Muslim family, was very matter of fact about my panting for these, naughty covers notwithstanding. I've said it before and I'll say it again: these "trashy comics' are an absolutely motherlode for trolling psychological material, and furthermore, I predict in time these babies'll become sought after by collectors.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tomatogal and/or anybody out there,
can you tell me if as of today Nov. 27,2009, you can still get those comics at the MACY's Q/R/N subway station or at At New York's Times Square,2 news stands, on the "R" train platforms?
When was the last time you bought some?
Is there any other place in NYC where you can get them?
Is there a place like "Little Mexico or something like that"?

Thanks a lot for the info,

hawk krall said...

I was in NYC 2 weeks ago, and yup, you can still get these at practically every newsstand in the subway.

hawk krall said...

for more covers-

Cindy said...

Tomatogal here again! Glad to say the ghetto librettos are alive and well - still at the Macy's 34th St/Times Square subway news dealers. I recently went through a batch of old issues I had, and put together on posterboard a kind of clip collage of 'comments' from the characters, brawling/making out/getting killed/getting laid - all in Spanish - a pop trash art assembly. My friends, especially my (Columbia U colleagues) loved it. I will probably hang it in the den, it's so over the top! But again, as I've often said - the peek we get into the class system, mindset and ethos of Mexican culture is extraordinary, and well worth the trouble of seeking these comics out. Alas, I have been unable to discover anything about my hero, the elusive Chimal, whose cinematic, stunning 'argumentos' still grace the pages of La Ley De Revolver. Anyone have any info on this gifted guy? I am willing to bet he's a fan of Sergio Leone, Stephen King and Kurosawa - three artists whose own artistic DNA (plot-wise) informs the stories I frequently read in La Ley, and others.

Anonymous said...

you can download it in ba-k. com.