Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Touches of Pink

Collier's Magazine 1951
Illustrated by Roswell Keller

"I had to call you, Charlie," Isabel said.
"I'm just going to die if I don't see you."

"I'm very busy," he said with the coolness
of dry ice. "I've got to get back to work"

This painting accompanied a short story from Collier's Magazine entitled "Touches of Pink."


Wilson said...

love the image you posted!

katzenjammer studios said...

Fuck man. I'd love to see what you got hanging on the walls in your room. Or are you the kinda guy that has all this cool crap wrapped in tracing paper, stashed under his desk and his room looks like a prison.

Some real great finds here! I've been silently observing, from the shadows, across the street, in the tree with binoculars and nipple clips (well, actually one of those necklace things that the dentist uses to attach the shitty plastic napkin around your neck that's supposed to be the drool guard).

Anonymous said...

Love this, gorgeous work by Roswell Keller. I'm trying to find out anything I can about him at the moment, as I've got a massive stack of vintage magazines that I'm trawling through. Lots of pics by him, Joe de Mers, John Whitcomb, Coby Whitmore, Gerry Fancett etc.etc. Emma