Friday, May 23, 2008

The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain is guaranteed to be the weirdest, most insane movie you have ever seen. The reason is because every scene is cryptically symbolic or representative of some deep metaphor that only the director understands. Because of this, the movie is rather nonsensical and extremely random. It was made in 1973 and directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Also See: Suspiria


chrisallison said...

Produced by John Lennon. But don't let that stop you, it's an AWESOME film. Love the ending and the visuals.

tek! said...

thanks for the tip!!

Matt J said...

I just discovered Holy Mountain recently too. Visually, the first half is stunning but the last part is not so interesting. The symbolism is truly mind-bending! (The Mayan toads!)

El Topo is great too & I just missed a screening of Sante Sangre at the Cannes Film Festival. Apparently David Lynch is actively attempting to ressurect Jodorowsky's directing career-let's hope he still has one last surreal masterpiece in him.

ryan said...

The symbolism is truly mind-bending!

Hahahah yeah it is.

I have watched half of El Topo but I don't remember anything that happened. So I need to watch the whole thing from the beginning.

I really liked "Fando y Lis," which is another one of his movies. It is in black and white and I believe came out in 1968 (before El Topo and Holy Mountain).

That's awesome that David Lynch is trying to get Jodorowsky to make another movie. He's another director that I really enjoy.

And I agree with you about the 2nd half of the movie. It is nowhere near as interesting as the first half.