Friday, July 08, 2011

Brik Bradferd of The Outback, 1983

Brik Bradferd of The Outback AKA Brik Blastoff of The Outback, a proposed animated television series by John Kricfalusi (John K). Dated 1983, many years before The Ren & Stimpy show. Here is the (near?) complete pitch package which includes drawings of the full cast of characters plus six story outlines of would-be episodes.


Jerry said...

What a weird cartoon

Percy Pernell said...

That last bit "Top Hollywood Cartoons" is from John K's Sheridan college years.
The sketchbook pack was floating around for awhile.
There was a bunch of cartoony sketchbook stuff, a poster for an animation screening at the college and an x-rated Flintstones strip.

Ryan Khatam said...

Thanks for the information Percy. Do you have any copies of that stuff or know where I might find it? Best regards. vastcool [at] hotmail

Chip Butty said...

Holy crap, how'd you get your hands on this??