Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Madonna Inn

Room 149, "Old Fashioned Honeymoon."
Room 160, "Austrian Suite."
Room 179, "Dot & Daisy."
Room 151, "Sugar & Spice."
Room 178, "Mountain Cabin."
Room 144, "Barrel of Fun."
Room 137, "Cave Man Room."
Room 118, "Fabulous Fifties."
Room 131, "Kona Rock."
Room 204, "American Home."
Room 184, "Just Heaven."
Room 135, "Swiss Rocks."
Room 130, "Yosemite Rock."
Room 194, "Espana Room."
Room 193, "Safari Room."

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Mike Moloney said...

haha this place is awesome, it's like a cartoon. each room has a color theme.

Uncle Deetou said...

I actually ate in the restaurant here... there was a piece of broken glass in the salad... great blog...

Andyboy said...

I've never stayed there but I had drinks there. It's absolutely amazing...

Jonnie said...

Phyllis Madonna rocks my world. Just found out she plays the accordion.