Friday, January 08, 2010

Vintage Motels

Town Aire Motel - Reno, NevadaSavoy Motel - Las Vegas, Nevada
The Desert Sky Hotel - Phoenix, Arizona
Tiny's Motel - Reno, Nevada
Diplomat Motel - Daytona Beach, Florida
Carousel Inn - Reno, Nevada
Gold Key Motel - Reno, Nevada
Tradewinds Motel - Lakewood, California
Knights' Inn Motel - Susanville, California
Town House Motel - Salt Lake City, Utah
Art Devlin's Olympic Motel - Lake Placid, New York

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Viewliner Ltd. said...

Awesome postcard post. These are so damn cool!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderfully nostalgia-provoking. I just found the site and I really enjoyed the color photos of downtown L.A. The clarity and color of the photos provoke familiarity even for the Westwood pic from 1941, six years before I was born. Nice blog.

Rick Roberts said...

New Jersey beach front hotels sort of keep the same design philopshy today. As for the service, probably not.

Fayetville Motels said...

Those are awesome pics they really bring back memories.
the one problem today is most of those motels are now so rundown they should be shut down. kinda takes away some of the flavor of the past.

Motels near said...

These pictures really remind me of the old days. The times when we were kids and were going on family vacation. We would just run on down the road stopping at the roadside cafes and interesting places and when the day was over just find that friendly motel and spend the night.

Let us bring back Route 66 and let the old good times roll!