Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oscar Bazaldua (Part 3)

For more mexican comic covers, visit ¡Historietas Perversas!

Also See: Oscar Bazaldua (Part 2) / Relatos De Presidio / Guillermo Divito


Pablo said...

Beautifull covers!! exellent blog!!

Anonymous said...

These covers show grand draftsmanship & thoughtful planning.

To me, those are the two most important elements in illustration, which seems to be nothing more but lost practices nowadays.

Anyway, I was wondering if you had checked out "The Art of Harvey Kurtzman", Ryan? I have a copy myself, and it's certainly worth the $40 dollars.

From an aspiring artist/ cartoonist.

Keith said...

I do love that blog. One of my favorites out there.

Phantom of Pulp said...

Bazaldua's work is extraordinary.

Jill said...

Great blog!